Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Canon in the Hall of the Mountain King

Back in middle school and into high school I was interested in learning the guitar for several reasons. One major reason was because I thought girls digged it. After getting married the guitar started to gather dust. Now that Nat is learning the guitar for her music program it has rekindled my desire to play the guitar again.

In my younger years I was mostly interested in playing covers of the popular rock songs. Stairway to Heaven, Tears in Heaven, Nothing Else Matters, etc were my common genre. Nowadays I'm learning that I really enjoy playing classical finger picking songs. Here are a couple songs I've picked up this year. I don't really strive for perfection, just enjoyment as you'll notice.

Canon in D

In the Hall of the Mountain King


Traci said...

Hey guys! I am digging your blog, that is cool. Even if it isn't myspace, at least it is something! In any case, let me know when you will be in town next and we should have dinner or something, I miss ya! Also, Bry, tell your mom she is a butt-head for me, I have tried calling a couple times to come by and say hi and she never calls me back. (I am so unloved) Anyway, keep posting!!
Love you guys!

Merrill said...

The one time I played the guitar (or played with a guitar) I was told that a dead squirrel could play better. And I never had one lesson!

I do have to say I'm more of a fan of the Mountain King than Taco Bell's Cannon.

By the way, I'm glad that the "All You Can Eat Banana Slugs" link is actually 2 separate links and not just one link spreading onto 2 lines.

jon and nats fam said...

you guys have so many talents...your family should give our family music lessons, not to mention pottery lessons. We can pay you in logos and business cards or something...?

Tink said...

Wow, you're talented! My boys and I really enjoyed listening to both songs. (: