Friday, June 26, 2009

Ugly or Beautiful Cheating?

So, this post requires some context. The questions comes about from one
night that Nat and I were talking as we were falling asleep. We can get
a little silly when we are super tired, as was the case this night. At
this time I was also very sick. Here is how the conversation went:

Bryan: "I'm such a sissy for being so sick!"
Nat: "You're not a sissy, it is just a bad illness."
Bryan: "But you aren't sick, so I must be a sissy."
Nat: "It's just that I haven't kissed you ..."

Pause for a minute

Nat: "But you obviously kissed some other girl who had a really bad
illness ... I hope she was ugly."

Anyway, it was a funny conversation but it has made me ponder the
question: If my spouse was cheating on me, would I prefer the person to
be more or less attractive than myself?

Clearly Nat would want that person to be less attractive. I think I'm on
the fence. What do you think?


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Analogous to Death?

First some background. There are people that have various organs etc transplanted today. They do so because one of their organs is failing and without the transplant they face imminent death. So, to ward off imminent death they replace one of their organs with someone else's.

I looked to the fount of all knowledge - google - to see if there is something called recreational organ transplants. I didn't find any examples. People don't enter into a transplant lightly because of the serious side effects. Transplant-ees have to go on immune suppressant drugs to keep their bodies natural defenses from killing the new organ - which is technically just a foreign object. I don't know how this is different from giving yourself aids.

Several weeks ago I met a new doctor. In the course of our conversation he mentioned that I might want to consider a facial transplant. His suggestion took me by surprise and has caused me to question several things. Though I have thought about these issues, let it be known that I am NOT going to have a facial transplant.

The main question I have been thinking is this: If people don't transplant organs unless they face imminent death, does the possibility of a facial transplant mean that a disfigured face is analogous to death? Said another way, would a person prefer death to a disfigured face?

Thinking about some popular movies, it seems that pop culture does view facial disfigurement as something very grave. That said, even if pop culture views facial disfigurement in such a way, should it have any impact on how I view it?

Interesting to think about ...


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Random Stuff

Pearl decided to try to ride our friend's hog, so we humored her.My sister Nickole came to visit a few weeks ago and watch Pearl over the weekend. She and Pearl had a good time girling it up by painting toe nails. On Memorial Day I entered the Boulder Boulder 10k race with some friends. Here is a "before" picture.

The race is very popular and all sorts of characters come out to run.
The neighborhood spectators have fun with the race. This person set up a slip and slide in their front yard. There were lots of others who were passing out food, bellydancing, cheerleading, etc. It was great fun!