Friday, January 30, 2009

An Unpleasant Morning

A year ago a local doctor helped me by putting some silicone threads in the drainage ducts of my eyes. After a year, it was finally time to take them out. The doctor did so and for a day and a half my eye was super irritated and puffy. One morning I got back from playing racquetball and the pain in my eye was going to drive me insane. Upon close examination of my eye in the mirror I saw the little sharp end of a silicone thread. After many attempts (it isn't easy to poke yourself in the eye with tweezers) I finally grabbed the thread and here is the fruit of my labors.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Aw Crap!

Our daughter is very talented. She can do many things. One thing she did that made us proud of her the other day was fill her belly button with poop. I had to document the moment.

Camera Shy

I wanted to get outside and go for a nice nature walk last Saturday. Bryan was kind enough to go along with my plan and we headed to Standley Lake, supposedly a nice, big open space with lots of trails. Standley Lake ended up to be the homeliest lake/wildlife refuge we had ever seen. It was just a barren wasteland with a few scragly trees and a lake in the middle of it, with no real trails that we could see. Besides there being no scenery to speak of it was really cold and windy. Maybe we just went went to the wrong side of the lake... Anyway I decided to document our "nature walk" that didn't really happen by taking some pictures. Bryan was feeling camera shy at the moment and I had to try to take pictures of him as he chased after me on the sloggy beach. Here are the results:


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Swimming Adventures

We took Pearly swimming for the first time. We weren't sure how she would react to it, but figured she would probably be ok since she likes to take baths now. Once we got the swimming suit on correctly (it was a difficult process), we got her in and she seemed not to mind it. She kicked around here and there and even survived getting splashed by her cousins. She's such a bathing beauty.


A Little Surprise

We've decided Pearl has a classic case of stage fright.


Christmas Sign

I asked my sister to have a sign made for us that said, "Yukkuri to" for Christmas this year. Yes, it is a strange Japanese phrase. It basically means, "take it easy." I've decided I really need a reminder to take it easy (I get stressed out too easily) and something in Japanese would be way more interesting than in english. Plus I think it will be a fun conversational peice. So, here is our sign:

Let's see what everyone thinks the pronouciation is just for fun! Type it out in the comment section. If you want, also write if you think having a sign is actually going to help or if you have a better idea....


Pearl's Blessing

We blessed Pearl when we were in Utah over Christmas break. To our great relief, she did't spit up on her dress right before the blessing or cry during the blessing. Here are some pics: