Monday, May 30, 2011

Sappy Wedding Video

I finally did our wedding video. It was sort of in honor of our 9th anniversary. Yes, it's sappy. I included some songs we both like. It's a little embarassing, but I thought I would post it because lots of family members are in these pics. Here it is:

Our Wedding

UPDATE: My video is currently blocked I think because I used copyrighted music (ie. music I didn't write myself). I haven't had this problem before. I am going to have to figure out some other music for the video.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cracking out the viola

I decided to crack out my viola because Pearl kept trying to imitate playing a violin by sawing a stick over her kaleidoscope. Once I got it out, she immediately wanted to be just like me, so we provided a uke to sub for her more life-like viola playing experience. She was baffled by the vibrato though. She kept either shaking her head or the stick to see if she could get the same effect.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pink is all the rage

It all started with a game of Bocce Ball with Granny Z. The game was hot, the stakes were high. Then a cute little girl in her brand new pink tutu showed up and the paparazzi went wild!

This girl knew how to work the camera.





Then, we added a pink flamingo hat.

She liked the flip flops.


Run away!


Easter Eggs!

Pearl really got into the concept of Easter eggs and Easter egg hunting this year. This was mostly fueled by a visit by grandparents from both sides of the family before Easter which they used to prime Pearl for the event as much as was humanly possible. Pearl was in candy heaven.

Granny Z had a great time teaching Pearl to fill her own eggs with candy.

You can imagine how much of that ended up in her mouth as soon as she realized she was allowed to snitch. Grandparents never seem to have a problem with snitching. ; )

Then Granny Z had this idea that we could decorate our tree with eggs after Pearl saw another tree decorated with eggs when we all went on a walk and didn't want to leave it. I think we will keep the eggs and hang them up in years to come.

Then Grandpa and Grandma B participated in an epic egg hunt which mostly involved Grandma B standing behind Pearl and pointing out eggs that were in plain sight to Pearl, so she would finally notice them. Pearl would let out little gasps and exclamations as she "discovered" eggs on the ground.

Pearl's little neighbor friend Jos came on the hunt with her.

Then Grandma B had the pleasure of showing Pearl that the plastic eggs actually had treats inside of them. Wow! That was the greatest discovery of the day!

Thanks to both sets of grandparents for making Easter fun for our little girlie!


Glenwood's Great!

We recently went on a little over-nighter to a hot springs about 2.5 hours from Denver in the mountains called Glenwood Springs. It was way fun to just relax and hang in a nice warm pool together and take it easy in our hotel. Pearl even learned to kick and paddle to move herself around in her little floaty tube. I think I can finally see the end of being Pearl's personal slave/sherpa whenever we go swimming on vacation!

The edge of the pool had all these mineral deposits that made it look pretty cool.

Really, the pool is longer than it looks. The big pool pictured in the distance spans over 2 city blocks!!!